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Alright Butt, A Welsh MTB Film

Invention: A Life

Invention: A Life is James Dyson’s story, illustrated by many failures but defined by the products and core technologies he has developed. It is not a book about business, rather the importance of education, mentorship, and self-reliance, and the critical importance to society of engineers and scientists. It explores his constant desire to learn, fearlessness to step into the unknown, and an unflagging spirit of entrepreneurialism. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the role that young minds play in solving the world’s biggest problems, regardless of experience. Explore James Dyson’s story through his book, of which all proceeds he receives will......

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Ecotalk + RSPB

Hear from Simon Pickering at Ecotricity and Jan Elsworth at RSPB about RSPB’s recent land purchase at Fairburn Ings, where Ecotalk customers bill money has contributed to purchase of part of RSPB’s Fairburn Ings reserve, near Castleford, securing land for some of the UK’s rarest wildlife. The Coal Tips, once the largest colliery spoil heap in Europe covering an area of 105ha, is today home to a fabulous array of rare habitats and wildlife including bitterns, otters, cuckoos, roe deer, brown hares and an abundance of butterflies and bees....

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