? Merry Christmas from Ecotricity ?

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? This year we’ve generated enough green electricity to cook ten million, four hundred and sixteen thousand, six hundred and sixty six Christmas dinners.

Electric ovens consume around 2400W, so to cook a Christmas dinner (which takes about 5 hours on average), they would consume an estimated 12kWh.

We’ve generated 125Gw in 2017, which would cook 10,416,666 Christmas dinner.

? Our customers have saved over 168 million tonnes of CO2 this year – that’s the same weight as five million, six hundred and nineteen thousand, four hundred and sixty Christmas trees.

Our customers have used 676,500,000kWh of green energy this year, which has saved 168,583,800kg of carbon. An average Christmas tree is 30kg.

? Using the electricity generated by our windmill at the Green Britain Centre this year, you could watch the film Elf thirty five million, four hundred and seventy six thousand, three hundred and sixty six times.
The Green Britain Centre windmill has generated 3,192,873kWh this year.

The power consumption of a 43’ Samsung TV is 63Watts. Elf is 1 hour and 37 minutes long so would consume 0.09kWh per viewing. So you could watch Elf 35,476,366 times using the total generation from the GBC this year.

?? So far this year the Electric Highway has powered over 9 million miles of emissions free driving – enough for Santa to travel around the world 1,138 times.

The Electric Highway has powered 9,015,625 emission free miles so far this year, that’s enough to go across the Earth 1,138 times.

? Our brand new wind farm at Alveston generates enough electricity in one hour to cook 207,000 mince pies.

The maximum capacity of Alveston is 6.9MWh. Mince pies take 20 minutes to cook- that would consume 0.8kWh.

8625 ovens on for 20 minutes, assuming each oven can fit 24 mince pies in – we could cook 207,000 mince pies with that much electricity.

⭐️ And we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for being with us. ⭐️